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Captiva Wood Doors

Allow yourself to be captivated. Discover doors that are different from the inside out. To help you coordinate all of the doors in your home, Captiva doors are made for both interior and exterior use. Builders, architects, and designers often consider the interior and exterior doors as two different design elements. Captiva allows both the interior and exterior doors to be supplied by one manufacturer with matching details in panels, sticking, and specie. Matching the species of wood for all your doors, even if the individual designs of the door are not the same, will give you a unified look throughout the home while maintaining visual interest. Visit the Captiva Wood Door web site to browse photos, download literature, learn about the construction methods and more.

Woodgrain Doors

The Woodgrain Ponderosa Collection represents the finest quality and craftsmanship available in pine doors today. Historically, this specie of wood has set the standard for the interior door industry, with a relatively tight grain and a warm blend of light yellow and brownish tones. Horner stocks 6-panel and bifold kits in Ponderosa Pine.

Louver and louver/panel doors as well as bifold kits are also in stock in Radiata Pine. Radiata pine has a distinctive grain pattern that is both broad and bold. These doors finish beautifully, providing versatility in the range of stain colors.

French Doors offer a sleek contemporary look which also fits well with formal interiors. Perfect for setting where a less pronounced grain pattern is preferred, Woodgrain Fir Doors offer a variety of hues, ranging from pinkish tones to a rich caramel color. We stock 10-lite and 15-lite french door at Horner.

The Woodgrain Collection offers seven wood species and a line of factory primed doors in a vast array of panel, french, louver, and bifold designs.

Captiva Wood Doors


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