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Somerset Video

Somerset Showroom Tour

A tour of our Somerset, Massachusetts showroom including a look at our large kitchen display, Cooper Preassembled stair displays, as well as windows, interior and exterior doors, mouldings and more.
Southboro Video

Southboro Showroom Tour

A tour of our Southboro, Massachusetts showroom. Featuring our many window displays including Kolbe Windows. Also on display are Cooper Preassembled Stairs, Captiva Wood Doors, a wide array of interior door and trim options, and more.
Pembroke Video

Pembroke Showroom Tour

A tour of our Pembroke, Massachusetts showroom. A look at our Millwork Design Center featuring our full line of interior door and moulding options.
Plant Tour Video

Plant Tour

A sneak peek at our production facility in Somerset, Massachusetts. This tour begins with a look at our custom products: Cooper Preassembled Stairs, Captiva Wood Doors, and Custom Mouldings. Next, we explore our other manufacturing departments, including our prehung interior door assembly line, interior trim shop, residential steel and fiberglass doors, windows, and finally our commercial hollow steel door and frame shop.
Stair Installation Video

Cooper Stairworks Stair Installation Video

Have you ever wondered how our stair systems go together? Check out this 12 minute video and see how our preassembled stair system can save you time and money. Horner Millwork is proud to offer Cooper Preassembled Stairs.

Cooper Stairworks Tips & Techniques
Installing Balusters Using Threaded Inserts

In this video we show three methods of fastening balusters on a stair, and demonstrate how to install balusters using threaded inserts.

Spiral Stair Kits

We're pleased to offer Misterstep modular staircase kits, the right solution for all your home requirements. Installation of Misterstep Spiral Staircases is fast and easy, even for DIY enthusiasts. All kits are highly customizable through a wide range of accessories that make them adaptable to any interior or exterior space.