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Cooper Preassembled Stairs

Cooper Stairworkscooper extraSince 1974 Cooper Stairworks has been blending centuries-old methods of stair building with state-of-the-art design and construction techniques allowing us to offer a complete stair system for the most selective buyers. Starting with the finest kiln dried lumber, we combine old world joinery, computers, innovative production equipment, and years of experience to create strong, beautiful, cost effective stairs.

The preassembled staircase has long been considered the most efficient method of stair building. Its advantages of fast, accurate installation and jobsite labor savings are well respected throughout the industry. Cooper stairworks combines additional enhancements, adding still more advantages over site built stairs and exceeding the quality expectations of the most discerning craftsman.

From simple to extraordinary…
Whether you need a simple and safe utility stair to the cellar, a rail system, or an aesthetic balance of curves from stair to balcony in a larger foyer, our staff of experienced stair builders will prove invaluable in time saving service.

Learn stair basics here >

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Secures the tread to the riser to ensure a tight connection
without relying on glue.

cooper difference 04

Creates a sure fit for the riser and tread and virtually
eliminates squeaks.


Cooper Prefit Rail Systems combined with our preassembled stairs enable you to realize many cost and time efficiencies. No more questions on what parts to use, where to find them or how they go together. Simply select any stock or custom style balustrade and our professional stair builders will configure the correct parts and actually prefit them to your stair while it is in our shop.

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Post and stair are notched for exact post location and height.

Treads are drilled for balusters.

One end of rail is precut for quick field installation with post to post rail systems. Opposite end is cut to fit in field.

Rake rails on stair are drilled for easy baluster insertion up into rail and down into tread.


A Cooper preassembled staircase is not only beautiful, it is safe. Part of the design process is understanding various building codes in the different states and being able to educate our customers. The rise and run are two of the most important variables in determining the space necessary for the stair. In addition, the handrail and balusters provide support and prevent falls. A Cooper Stairworks expert can help guide you through the intricacies of baluster spacing, handrail graspability, and headroom.

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Our library of popular stair layouts can be used as starting point or we can design something totally custom for you. 

Curved Stairs

The curved layouts provided by Cooper walk safely with a 10" or 9" run at the walk line and are designed to meet residential building codes in most areas of the country. Our manufacturing system allows us to build each stair to your unique conditions and dimensions with no additional labor or setup. Unlike curved stair manufacturers with fixed bending forms, our processes allow complete dimensional flexibility, making custom sizes affordable. Each layout can be constructed in any width, made opposite hand, treads can be added at either end and can be built with or without supporting walls.

cooper curvedlayoutsBrowse popular curved stair layouts in our CAD library >

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are not just straight, they take on many shapes such as an l-shaped, u-shaped, scissor-shaped, and more. Straight stairs may be just as elaborate as curved; it is a matter of preference. When considered in parts, a straight stair staircase is full of architectural details, each contributing to the visual impact of the whole.

cooper straightlayouts Browse popular straight stair layouts in our CAD library >


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Field Measurement
A Stair Tech will field measure the job completely, make recommendations as needed, and work with a Project Manager from beginning to end. (within our direct service area only)

CAD Support
Not all stair projects require CAD support, but when necessary we provide very detailed drawings of the project for review.

State-of-the-Art Technology
We have invested in the latest technology available. Automatic stair design software is used to support two CNC routers with 4 and 5 axis machining capabilities.

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Tongue & Groove Construction
This superior method of assembly creates a sure fit for the riser to the tread and virtually eliminates squeaks.

Notched Newels
With our prefit rail system, all newels are notched to the proper height to comply with code in conjunction with the rail system. They are dry fitted and marked for location.

All our rail joint connections are made using the ZIPBOLT™ UT Rail bolt. Easier, Faster, and Stronger. Tighten joints in seconds. Learn more >

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Threaded Inserts
On wooden, turned, tapered-top balusters, we use a threaded insert in the tread and a machine/lag screw in the baluster for superior strength and ease of installation.

A strong machine screw style connector is used to connect all pin bottom newels to the starting step.


Blind Fasteners
When we apply a return to a stair tread, all work is done on the backside so fasteners are never visible on the finish face and edge of the tread.

cooper10 cooper11 cooper12

The stair is wrapped in clear plastic with custom water resistant double thick cardboard tread and riser guards applied for protection during construction.

Plywood Templates
Plates are provided for framing balcony sections and supporting walls. Stairs are assembled back in our shop using exact duplicates of these templates.

Easy Installation
As soon as the project is weather tight, the stair is normally installed in less than half a day so it can be used during the construction process.


Watch this 12 minute video to see how quickly and easily an empty stairwell can be transformed into a beautiful staircase.



When do I start?
Contact us at the beginning of the design phase when you have the most options available and our expertise can be most helpful. We will meet your design requirements and bring value and dramatic design to your project. The longer you wait the more you limit your options or create unusual and costly framing changes.

How do I start?
Fax or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view a copy of your plans in the area of the stair at each level and provide the height from floor to floor. Our Stair “Facts Fax” form is helpful to guide you through the planning process. We will send you a quotation for the complete stair system with your choice of balustrade or one we have recommended to meet your budget.

How do I order?
Simply approve the quotation. We will finalize the details and send a contract for you to sign. A shop drawing will follow for approval and if you are within reach of our service areas, a field technician will confirm field dimensions. If you have purchased a curved stair system we provide the curved wall plates, curved floor templates and a positioning diagram to coordinate the fit of the stair system while framing. This allows you to complete most of the framing and wall finish prior to taking delivery of the stair and rail system.

When does the stair arrive?
Once the job is weather tight, the stair and rail system will be delivered. The stair will be wrapped with six-mil polyethylene wrap and tread guards will be applied to protect the stair from jobsite traffic. When ready the protective wrap may be turned back and the rail system unpacked and applied. Complete installation is available within service areas.


North Atlantic Corp. takes great pride in its workmanship and undertakes to manufacture the very best preassembled staircase product possible. This commitment to quality allows us to offer a FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY limited to the original contractor/consumer purchaser covering only defects in material or workmanship. The warranty period shall commence from date of delivery providing all recommendations are followed as noted in our Use & Care Guide. Natural variations in color and grain of wood shall not be considered defects. Defects resulting from or attributed to normal wear, abuse, or alteration shall not be covered. Defects resulting from installation shall be covered only when installation is provided by North Atlantic Corp and its subsidiaries. Upon written notification of a claim describing a possible defect and presentation of this certificate we will inspect the staircase within 5 business days. If after such inspection we determine there to be a defect, we will repair or replace it, unfinished, FREE OF CHARGE..



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