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products quakerDoubleHungHorner Millwork is proud to introduce our new mid range window line, the Brighton? LS Series Single & Double Hung.

Equipped with a unique jamb-liner system, Brighton? LS Single Double Hung windows dramatically reduce infiltration by wind, heat and cold, without impeding the effortless function of the window.

A block and tackle balance system adjusts to the size of the window. So whether your windows are tall and narrow or short and wide, you can be sure they'll open easily every time and tilt for easy cleaning. Combined with an extruded aluminum-clad exterior, airtight glass and specially treated wood frames, these window work horses improve your view, inside and out.

Brighton? LS window locks don't just close the window, they grab tightly to provide a complete seal, even on extremely wide windows. Cam locking hardware exceeds all safety standards.

Brighton's LS aluminum-clad exterior is a Quaker specialty. The baked-on finish is completed at the factory to ensure long-term, low-maintenance durability.


products quakerCasementCasement & Awning Windows

All Brighton? casement and awning window frames are made of treated pine and have a baked-on, maintenance free, painted exterior finish. Windows are dual-sealed with bulb weather-stripping to prevent excessive air leakage. When tested, these windows have extremely low air infiltration.

Specially designed crank-out hardware adds strength and integrity to each window and stops air leaks. Sashes open wide for easy cleaning and support arms swing outward for hard to reach areas. For visual and practical purposes, casement and awning hardware neatly folds down into a pocket to avoid interference with window blinds.

Adjustable locking hardware accommodates settling in older homes to maintain a tight seal.

Using a combination of beauty, function and performance our Push Out Casement windows present a new stylish element to the Brighton? wood clad window family.

products quakerGeometricGeometric Shapes

Design a wall of dazzling toppings; transoms; half-rounds and ellipticals. Brighton? windows are an architect's dream.

Each Brighton? geometrical wood window receives special care. Windows are crafted in-house and grilles are carefully produced as one connected piece. Many windows are treated with precautionary measures, such as safety glass.

Quaker quality comes in all shapes and sizes. Brighton? specialty windows are made with treated wood, insulated glass and an exterior painted finish that is maintenance-free.

To assist builders with installation, casings on curved geometrical shapes are standard. Ornate casings and simulated divided lites with custom design grilles are also available.

products quakerPatioSliding Doors

Brighton? LS Series sliding patio doors help control heating and cooling. All sizes arrive at your home, complete with Energy Star® performance, courtesy of standard Low-E glass and argon gas. Tempered, insulated glass carries a 10-year warranty. Door panels, crafted from specially treated wood, stay airtight, straight and true. A tandem (or double) wheel promotes smoother rolling action, supports door panels and provides a longer life because tracks don't wear out. They're also adjustable so you can raise them.

Brighton? sliding wood patio doors are designed with a heavy-duty, high performance fiberglass sill that allows them to glide easily. Plus, the sill won't warp, bend or rot from exposure to harsh weather.

The exterior is extruded aluminum, which is superior to roll-form aluminumcladding or vinyl cladding. The Brighton's single-point latch has a gold finish. Several grille styles, including framed wood grilles and dust-free internal muntins, enable you to get the exact look you want to match your décor.

Sliding Door ? Wood Patio Door Collection & Folding Patio Doors

products quakerSlider

Swinging Doors

The Brighton? LS series In-swing

The Brighton? LS Series makes an exceptional presentation. It is Quaker?s premium swinging wood patio door. 8 1?8 inch bottom rails are part of the Brighton?s rich, wood appearance.

Safety is no issue with the Brighton?s standard multi-point locking hardware. The multi-point system locks simultaneously at the top, middle and bottom of the panel for added security and improved performance during extreme weather conditions. Three adjustable hinges make sure each Brighton? patio door operates true for years upon years.

Extruded aluminum anodized sill can withstand lots of in-and-out activity.

Screens contain BetterVue? screen mesh for an almost unimpeded view.

The Brighton? LS series Out-swing

The Brighton? LS Series also is available as an out-swing door manufactured with exceptional quality and care for residential homes. The unique outswing
operation allows for numerous design possibilities not available with an in-swing door. Out-swing doors are available as either a single-panel or True French model.

Swinging Doors ? Wood Patio Door Collection

products quakerSwinging

Energy Ratings

For Energy Ratings on all Brighton products visit or see brochure below.

products quakerCommercialCommercial Products

Quaker is well known for providing windows and doors to the commercial sector. Our Horner Commercial Sales division has the expertise in working on commercial projects and multifamily housing.

Vinyl Products

  • Crusader - DP-50 Upgrade
  • Manchester - New Construction
  • AdvantEdge - Replacement

When your project requires vinyl or wood-clad windows and doors, Quaker offers you a full line of value-engineered alternative to aluminum. For nearly 30 years, we have manufactured wood and vinyl products alongside our extensive offering of aluminum products. Our vinyl and wood windows and doors keep projects within budget without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. Excellent pricing and great warranties available.


For coastal or inland projects specifying DP-50 requirements, consider Quaker's Crusader vinyl windows. The Crusader DP-50 product line was developed because high winds aren't just limited to the Gulf Coast, Pacific Rim or Atlantic Seaboard. The Upper Midwest, Plains States, Great Lakes Region and inland areas off the coasts all get their fair share of extreme, gusty weather. The Crusader DP-50 offers heavy duty alternative to standard vinyl windows and is also a nice V.E. option in light commercial applications.

Aluminum products

Products available include windows, patio doors and storm windows. Quaker's aluminum products are ideal for heavy commercial projects and specific sectors of the building industry including housing authorities, universities, historical buildings and military installations.


  • Blast/impact tested
  • Historically correct
  • STC/OITC tested
  • Special colors and finishes
  • Green/LEED designs and aspects

Keystone Series

The Keystone family includes a Horizontal Slider, Single and Double Hung window. All Keystone products offer decades of sound construction and performance, each meeting a C-50 AAMA rating. Their usage can span up to seven stories, but have been used as high as ten stories in some parts of the country.

Traditional Series

Quaker's Traditional Series family of products are just that: Traditional. Traditional design. Traditional operations. Traditional sightlines. Yet all are flexible enough to work in a multitude of applcations. Historical Series Quaker's family of Historical Series of products contains the unique features necessary for historical replication projects.

Emerge Series

The Emerge Series is the most energy-efficient family of aluminum products Quaker offers, merging structural integrity with thermal qualities. The Emerge product line was designed with one purpose in mind; to get U-Values & SHGC values to depths rarely seen in aluminum windows and doors.

Impact Series

Quaker's E700 Impact products are specially glazed and structurally reinforced to meet or exceed codes mandated for areas where violent high wind conditions and wind-borne debris may occur.

Blast Series

Blast Tested Windows from Quaker have been tediously tested to meet the strict criteria outlined in the Department of Defense's Minimum Anti-terrorism building standards.


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