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Check Out Masonite’s 2018 Trend Report

Check Out Masonite’s 2018 Trend Report

You’re probably a millwork geek if you enthusiastically await for Masonite to release their Design Trend Report every January. [Guilty!] From Mediterranean Luxe to Classic Revival, Mid-Century Modern to Urban, this year’s report doesn’t disappoint. Drawing inspiration from design movements throughout the globe, Masonite has compiled the trends that influenced residential home design most in 2017 and has published their forecast for what will be the 6 most sought after styles in 2018. The report outlines 6 unique key features for each design trend (lighting, flooring, color, texture, accents, and unique characteristics) and then picks interior and exterior doors that perfectly complement the style. Below are 3 of our favorite trends from this year’s report.
Be sure to check out Masonite’s 2018 Trend Report to explore all 6 trends >


Any Mad Men fans out there? The Mad Men set did an amazing job of recreating this sleek post-war era design style. I found myself being just as intrigued by Don Draper’s Manhattan apartment as I was with the juicy story line. Mid-Century Modern is a contemporary take on minimalism and versatility. Embrace the juxtaposition of mediums by mixing striking patterns with elements from the outdoors.

Use futuristic light fixtures such as the Sputnik Chandelier, which offer drama as impressive as the constellations.

Pair up geometric patterns with subtle materials such as pine in a herringbone pattern.

Revive any space with a blend of earthy and vibrant tones.

mid-century modern exterior doors

Modern Door Oak Textured Fiberglass with Center Vertical Lite and Double Water Textured Glass

Belleville Smooth Fiberglass with Optimus Glass

Modern Door Smooth Fiberglass with Diamond Lite and Chord Glass

mid-century modern interior doors

Primed Wood French 5-Lite with Master Carré Glass

Custom French Fir Wood with White Satin Glass Panels

West End Collection Berkley Molded Panel


Show of hands, who dreams of living in the Ikea showroom? If your hand is up [like mine!] then Scandinavian might be just your style. Relying on nature and practicality, this trend provides a more purposeful approach to using natural elements like light and plants to enhance visual appeal and improve quality of life.

Bring natural light to the forefront through windows and doors. For additional lighting, choose clean, simple light fixtures.

Use light wood and natural-colored flooring consistently throughout the home for a calming visual appeal.

Create your sanctuary by pairing nature’s neutrals with your own serene whites.

scandinavian exterior doors

Knotty Pine Wood French 15-Lite with Clear Glass

VistaGrande Flush-Glazed Smooth Fiberglass with Clear Glass

VistaGrande Flush-Glazed Smooth Fiberglass with Clear Glass

scandinavian interior doors

Heritage Series Lincoln Park Molded Panel

Maple Wood French 3-Lite

Heritage Series Logan Molded Panel


Here in coastal New England, the Classic Revival style perfectly intertwines with coastal cottage architecture. Along the east coast you’ll find homes with front porches adorned with roman columns, pops of blue on walls and decorative accents, and historically accurate moulding details both inside and out. Many of these characteristics of coastal living demonstrate the influence of the Classic Revival design style. Designed with the highest quality in mind, Classic Revival celebrates deep roots and heritage. By honoring and preserving rich architectural details, this trend is sure to make any home feel like a piece of history.

As rooms have upgraded from candle light to electricity, the timeless beauty of a chandelier has never faded— no matter the source of light.

Restoring, preserving or updating flooring are versatile options to help revive a classic home. Mahogany hardwood and white marble are the most prevalent.

Create a refined look by choosing timeless tones such as navy or tan.

classic revival exterior doors

VistaGrande Smooth Fiberglass with SDL Grids and Clear Glass

Le Chateau Mahogany Wood 6 Panel

Belleville Smooth Fiberglass 4 Panel New England

classic revival interior doors

4 Panel Molded Panel

Primed Wood French 10-Lite with Clear Glass

6 Panel Molded Panel

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