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MA Sales Tax Holiday

MA Sales Tax Holiday

Save on your entire order during the Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday. When it comes to your home, trust Horner Millwork to supply the quality products you expect with the variety of options you want. The Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday is a great opportunity to save big on windows, doors, and cabinetry for your whole project. Place your order on Saturday, August 29th.


According to the MA Sales Tax Holiday regulations you can put multiple items on one invoice as long as each individual item is $2500 or less. There is no upper limit on the total invoice amount. This rule means that you can purchase windows, doors, and cabinetry for the whole home tax-free as long as each window, door, or cabinet costs less than $2500.

*Rules and Restrictions for the MA Sales Tax Holiday:
  • The exemption of the sales tax (6.25%) applies only to tangible personal property bought for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Taxes must be paid on any material bought by contractors who are buying for their business and using a company check.
  • All items must be paid in full on Saturday with cash, credit card or check.
  • No prior orders with deposits can be changed to tax-free.
  • You can put multiple items on one invoice as long as each individual item is $2500 or less, there is no upper limit on the tax-free amount each customer may purchase.
  • Special order items are eligible for the sales tax holiday so long as they are ordered and paid in full on the sales tax holiday weekend, and the cost of each item is $2,500 or less, even if delivery is made at a later date.

Plan now and pay on August 29!
Our Somerset Showroom will be open Saturday, August 29 from 8am to 1pm. Plan your purchase now, and pay on the 29th. Contact Us for an appointment.


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