Which Door Line is Right For You?

Horner Millwork carries a complete line of interior and exterior doors. From our own line of CAPTIVA custom wood doors, to the complete offerings of manufacturers like TRUSTILE, MASONITE, ROGUE VALLEY, and more there isn’t a door need that Horner Millwork can’t meet.

Because we carry a large stock inventory, whether it’s fitting a door to your specific opening or customizing a large order, the professionals at Horner Millwork can have your stock order prepared with only a short lead time.

 Interior Doors

table captiva table rogue table lemieux table masonite table larson table trustile table woodfold table phantom table windor table kolbe
Wood Doors check2• check2•       •check2       • 
Molded Doors       check2•           • 
MDF Doors   check2•       •check2       • 
Glass Doors •check2 •check2       check2•       • 
Pantry Doors  check2• check2•       check2•       • 
Barn Doors (Learn More) check2• check2•   •check2   check2•       •check2
Accordion Doors (Learn More)             check2•     • 
FSC Certified check2• check2•   check2•   •check2       •check2
Commercial (See also Commercial Section) check2•     check2•   check2•       •check2
Fire Rated Doors (See also Commercial Section)       check2•           •