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Slocomb Protech 177 Vinyl Replacement Windows

Built for a lifetime. The Protech 177 window system was designed specifically to exceed the demands of the various Northeast weather conditions. Engineered for durability, strength, security, energy efficiency, and uncompromising beauty, Protech 177 windows are custom-made to the requirements of your home and are virtually impenetrable by wind or water.

More than thirty years of research and development are built into every fully welded Pro-Tech 177 Replacement Window, producing state-of-the-art designs using advanced production techniques. A technologically advanced fabrication process allows compound shapes to be fusion welded at sill corners, producing a window that is stronger than conventional welded windows. Innovative technology means unparalleled styling and top performance.

  • Solid virgin PVC construction
  • Exterior glazing bead around the glass
  • High tech fusion-welded frame and sash
  • 7/8” insulated glass
  • Heavy duty sash locking system
  • Full 3 ¼” frame depth
  • Extruded aluminum screens
  • Never needs painting
  • Smooth interior finish
  • Easy cleaning from inside the home with tilt in sash on double hung model
  • Fully weather resistant to wind and water
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Custom retrofit application
  • Fully weatherstripped to eliminate drafts
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in a variety of optional colors
  • Available in sculpted or colonial, designer, diamond, or prairie grid configurations.
  • Simulated grids available
  • Optional Low E glass and Argon gas
  • Optional tempered glass
  • Optional obscure glass (frosted)
Drawings of windows
Graphic showing Types of Low-E Coatings

State-of-the-art performance technologies. The high energy performance options of Slocomb ProTech 177 Windows include the combined factors of a Warm Edge spacer and High Performance Low-E glass. Combine these technologies with an optional Argon gas fill and you will maximize your energy performance and decrease your heating and cooling costs. In the winter months, Low-E helps keep heated air inside and cold air outside. In the summer, Low-E helps keep cool air in and hot air out.

Low-E also blocks up to 84% of the harmful ultraviolet rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork. In addition since Argon gas is six times more dense than air, it greatly reduces the transfer of hot and cold-adding even more thermal efficiency. It is this combination of Warm Edge and Low-E/Argon filled glass that helps you save on your heating and cooling costs.


U-Factor: .26
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: .25
Visible Transmittance: .46
Condensation Resistance: 61

U-Factor: .26
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: .19
Visible Transmittance: .44
Condensation Resistance: 61

Cooler In The Summer
The total solar energy transmitted through Slocomb High Performance Low-E Glass is almost 63% less than that transmitted by standard clear insulating glass.

  • Lower SHGC numbers mean less summer heat
  • Keeps interiors cooler
  • Helps reduce cooling energy cost

Warmer In The Winter
The winter nighttime R-Value (insulating value) of Slocomb High Performance Low-E Glass is as much as 88% better than standard clear insulating glass.

  • Higher R-values mean higher performance
  • Reduces furnace heat loss
  • Helps reduce heating costs.

Reduces Ultraviolet Energy
Slocomb High Performance Low-E Glass reduces fabric-fading UV energy 90% more effectively than standard clear insulating glass.

  • Helps protect interior furnishings, fabrics and carpets from fading

Transmits Visible Light
Slocomb High Performance Low-E Glass transmits about 80% as much desirable visible light as standard clear insulating glass.

  • Provides exterior appearance similar to clear glass
  • Provides glare control in bright, sunny climates
Color Options

Standard Interior and Exterior:
Solid Color Creme White

Optional Interiors: 
Desert Tan, Oak or Cherry Woodgrain

Optional Exteriors:
Bronze, Cocoa

Slocomb also offers 10 standard exterior paint colors plus custom colors from customer chips.